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Missouri Botanical Garden

St. Louis, Missouri

Founded in 1859 by Henry Shaw, the Missouri Botanical Garden offers an elegant array of indoor and outdoor displays. From the Climatron's tropical extravagance to the scented garde, it's an at-home getaway for many St. Louisans and a destination for visitors and researchers from around the world. (Boxed sets available- see assortments on "Boxed Sets" page.)


If you're planning an event at one of these elegant venues, these notes make beautiful invitations or thank you cards. Custom imprinting is available.


All images are available as notecards (see below). Regarding enlargements and other custom orders, please see "Product Info".


Two sizes are available,

Large: folded size 6 1/4" x 4 1/2"

Small: folded size 5 3/8" x 4"


Large cards... $4.00 each

Small cards... $3.00 each

Boxed set of 8*... $18 each

*pre-made assortments

or 8 of any one image


See "Product Info" for further details.