Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Vivian Brill now shares a little house in Vivian Brill St. Louis, Missouri with two very nice cats, Zorra & 'Zilla.

She's a veteran of Rockford College in Illinois and a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. Also, she has been a graphic designer, veterinary assistant, party photographer, phone interviewer, dispatcher, waitress, deli worker, and occasional cheerleader for various organizations. Art and animals are recurring themes... and flowers, too, these days...

Vivian Brill in her gardenVivian was surprised to discover recently that she's crazy for gardening, and now believes that there's a garden metaphor
for every situation in human affairs.

These photos celebrate the amazingly varied beauty that turns up in quiet corners and busy streets. Some of her

Vivian Brill images and photo notecardsslightly quirky drawings have also turned into cards along the way. She hopes you find some images here that speak to you. Comments & suggestions are encouraged...

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